Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scripts Listing Processes and Memory Usage of PeopleSoft Application Server and Process Scheduler

Sometimes I want to list all processes belonging to a PeopleSoft app/process domain. Although PSADMIN does provide some options for this purpose, none can satisfy me fully. For example:

./psadmin -c sstatus -d DOMAIN

- No JSH and WSH, also no PID (process id, which is important to me)

./psadmin -c pslist -d DOMAIN

- Shows PID, but no BBL, JSH and WSH

./psadmin -p status -d DBNAME

- No PID

Besides, I am also interested in the memory usage each process, but PSADMIN doesn't provide this kind of information too.

Therefore, I wrote 2 scripts in order to self-help. One is a shell script (view) runnable at Solaris. The other one is a VB script (view) runnable at Windows. A bat file (view) is provided as a wrapper to make the VB script run on and output to DOS commandline, it must reside at the same directory as the VB script.

Both scripts have similar syntax:

pl [-f] {-c-p-c -p} [-m [-h]] instance
Options: -f force execution even appserv domain doesn't exsit
      -c print processes of application server
      -p print processes of process scheduler
      -m print memory usage
      -h print memory usage in human readable format (only applicable to solaris version)

Sample output for running shell script:

$ ~/bin/pl -cmh DOMAIN
PID  PROCESS               VSIZE             RSS
---  -------               -----             ---
6431  PSSUBDSP             107.7M           92.5M
6430  PSPUBDSP             345.2M          161.5M
6397  BBL                   10.9M            8.9M
6407  PSSUBHND              99.7M           84.4M
6446  JREPSVR                8.9M            7.0M
6403  PSAPPSRV             514.7M          306.3M
8105  PSWATCHSRV            15.0M           11.9M
6429  PSBRKDSP             107.7M           92.5M
6402  PSAPPSRV             513.8M          297.5M
6442  JSL                   10.4M            8.4M
6401  PSAPPSRV             533.9M          317.6M
19680  PSMONITORSRV         102.4M           87.2M
6440  WSL                    9.4M            7.6M
6405  PSBRKHND             107.7M           92.5M
6406  PSPUBHND              99.9M           84.6M
6404  PSSAMSRV              97.4M           82.3M
6444  JSH                   12.8M           11.0M
6445  JSH                   16.0M           14.3M
6443  JSH                   16.0M           14.3M

Sample output for running VB script:
C:\WINDOWS\system32>pl -c -p -m DOMAIN
PID     Command         VSize   Working Set
---     -------         -----   -----------
5640    BBL             22.3M   5.8M
1764    PSAPPSRV        114.5M  43.1M
1692    PSAPPSRV        324.5M  81.3M
5856    PSAPPSRV        114.0M  42.5M
2448    PSSAMSRV        104.4M  40.4M
7060    PSANALYTICSRV   107.6M  41.0M
6556    PSANALYTICSRV   107.6M  41.0M
6364    PSANALYTICSRV   107.6M  41.0M
3348    PSDBGSRV        101.5M  37.3M
4592    PSRENSRV        79.4M   17.4M
8112    PSMONITORSRV    101.5M  37.6M
3984    WSL(7000)       24.3M   4.6M
4540    JSL(9000)       25.0M   4.6M
5452    JREPSVR         19.9M   3.9M
7292    PSSAMSRV        100.9M  37.2M
740     PSWATCHSRV      25.1M   6.7M

3840    WSH(7001)       23.9M   4.9M
820     JSH(9001)       24.0M   4.7M
6256    JSH(9002)       26.1M   5.5M
3164    JSH(9003)       24.0M   4.7M
6064    JSH(9004)       26.1M   5.0M
7732    JSH(9005)       24.0M   4.7M

PID     Command         VSize   Working Set
---     -------         -----   -----------
5552    BBL             21.7M   2.7M
5572    PSAESRV         109.9M  14.4M
5616    PSAESRV         109.9M  14.4M
5748    PSPRCSRV        130.8M  21.7M
7112    PSAESRV         303.4M  63.0M
7488    PSDSTSRV        282.0M  50.5M
5812    PSMONITORSRV    100.9M  37.6M

Update on 02/Oct/2009: the enhanced version of pl script (for solaris) is available here


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