Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quickly Reconfigure App/Process Server Domain

PeopleSoft system administrators rely on psadmin to reconfigure the application or process server domain. We all have experience of having to go through all the configuration items from psadmin option 14, just to turn on/off one process (let's say, pub/sub server). Actually this is not necessary if you have an understanding of where the configuration items stay - you can bypass psadmin and manually modify those configurations quickly.

All items configurable from psadmin are saved in 3 different files for each server domain:
  • For application server: psappsrv.ubb, psappsrv.ubx and psappsrv.cfg.
  • For process server: psprcsrv.ubb, psprcsrv.ubx and psprcs.cfg.
For example, your app server domain's pub/sub server is currently off and you want ti turn it on, you can do the following:

1) Shutdown the server domain first - this is a must
2) (This is no more needed, as UBB file is generated using UBX as a template.)

Open psappsrv.ubb, scroll down to the bottom, you will find two lines under 'ubbgen control values:'

# [ 6]: {PUBSUB}: FALSE
# [ 7]: {!PUBSUB}: TRUE
Swap the FALSE and TRUE so the 2 lines appear as below and save/close the file.
# [ 6]: {PUBSUB}: TRUE
# [ 7]: {!PUBSUB}: FALSE

3) Open psappsrv.ubx, search '*PS_DEFINES', under this line you will see

{PUBSUB} Do you want the Publish/Subscribe servers configured (y/n)? [n]:
Change [n] to [y] and save/close the file.

4) Reconfigure - psadmin -c reconfigure -d DOMAIN
5) Restart - psadmin -c boot -d DOMAIN

You will see PUB/SUB server processes are running now.

You can manipulate process server configurations similarly.

Be sure to make a backup of the files before you try with this.

- 18 Mar 2011: Remote point 2) as it is an unnecessary step.